About Us

SHC Accident Helpline Limited is a regulated claims management company registered in England and Wales with company number 09543247. Registered Office: 1st Floor, Media House, Kingsbury Works, Kingsbury Road, The Hyde. Greater London. NW9 8UP. SHC is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority under FRN: 833278.

Based in our head office in North West London, we offer a 24-hour, 7-day a week emergency service, specialising in all aspects of vehicle accidents, work accidents or any type of accidents, from start to finish, by removing the hassle and inconvenience of constant telephone calls and communication with your insurer and third parties.

Our believe is that no one should suffer from a road traffic accident. We want to provide full accident management services to you and during this, we aim to give you advice, details and constant updated about your case. We want to help as many people we can to claim their compensation they deserve!

We have a nice team, with good experience, talented and always on training. We know that case after case, we become better! This is why, our clients are happy to work with us and you can see it in their positive reviews.Honesty, trust, great customer service and a family approach are the ones that recommend SHC Accident Helpline and made us to be on top.

How it all started

SHC Accident Helpline was set up by its Director as he could see how customers where not receiving the benefits and full entitlement when Insurance Companies dealt with their accident claims in areas such as vehicle damages valuations, out-of-pocket expenses and personal injury cases.

SHC has over a decade of experience in dealing with any type of accidents, most common road traffic accidents and work-related accidents. 

Anyhow we don’t get back no matter how difficult your accident or situation can be as we like to be challenged all the time.

“As an owner of an Accident Management Company for many years it is imperative that when my customers are being involved in a road traffic accident they can rely on a company that is quick, efficient, caring, professional and has the customers interest as a priority – SHC Accident Helpline Ltd does all the above.” – Raheel A Rathore

How we can Help?

We specialise in vehicle damages claims and we take care of everything since the day you start your claim. We do have roadside recovery services, storage services, Credit hire and replacement of your damaged car, repairs for your car services and we work with the best solicitors for personal injuries services and financial losses claims.

Beside this, we will be responsible for all the legal aspects and we will seek your interest in redeem the compensations you deserve. 

Life after an accident can be difficult and we know it! SHC Accident Helpline is here to help you figure it out!

We also provide telephone advice and help right away after an accident. We are open at any online application and type of communication just to make sure you are comfortable with. SHC Accident Helpline aims to make your life easier in any way!

Our Vision

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. is a 24/7 operational emergency service provider, based in North West London, specialized in all sort of accident claims from scratch to finish. SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. removes the hassle of dealing with multiple people at a time by working as a liaison between accident victims and opponent/insurer or any other involved service providers.

Our Slogan

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. aims to place the customers at the core of the business operations; it’s a fundamental part of our ultimate goal to deliver the customer-centric services regardless of the effort or cost required for going an extra mile to not only meet but actually exceed their expectations.


We believe in the fact that the growth of a company is guaranteed if we take words from our respected clients seriously and work on their complaints with open mind and heart. Though SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. is known in the market for the customer centricity and standards of services being provided to them, yet feedback from our customers help us in maintaining our standards and improving them further.



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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions, if you are planning to contact SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. for the handling of any accident management matter.

  • If you call our 24/7 operational call centre, one of our colleague will take your first details and transfer your call to the responsible department.

Our Team

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