Organizations nowadays have specialized departments and standard operating procedures for each job to ensure the work environment is safe and secure. Prevention of accidents and work injuries is an equal responsibility of the organization and the employees. Adherence to the safe work environment, SOPs generally try to prevent possible accidents and injuries in any given work environment.


What responsibilities does my employer have?

Every employer is required by law to ensure health and safety in the following ways:

  • Ensure a safe work environment.
  • Give proper training to employees.
  • Ascertain workplace safety in every way.
  • Offer safe-to-use equipment for work.
  • Make safety gear and clothing available.

Accidents are always unplanned!

However, accidents at work have an equal probability of happening as accidents at road or home. If your employer has failed to meet his responsibilities and that led to you suffering an injury at work, you will be entitled to compensation for those injuries and any financial losses, such as lost earnings.

What Can Contribute to an Accident at Work?

Despite the precautionary measures, the following can still contribute to a miserable situation at work:
• Faulty equipment
• Slips and Trips
• Fall from Work at Height
• Dangerous machinery
• The use of hazardous substances
• Burns or scalds
• Injuries arising from inadequate training
• Manual handling incidents

Accidents at work can vary in nature and damage caused, but they cause an equal amount of stress and hassle to file your claims. The stress of getting hurt and going through the financial issues to get yourself healed after the accidents sound like a nightmare to any worker.

What should I do if I have an accident at work?

Make sure you see your doctor as soon as you can. The priority here is your recovery and making sure your injuries are tended to. It will be reassuring for you to discuss your injuries with a doctor, and most importantly this will be recorded in your medical records – which may be used as evidence in your case.

Report the accident to your employer. Make sure that the details of your accident are accurately recorded in your employer’s accident book. If there is no accident book, write down what happened and give it to your employer. Keep a copy for yourself too.

Get the names and contact details of any witnesses.

If possible, take photos of the scene of the accident. This can be very helpful if you wish to pursue a claim and your employer doesn’t admit liability.

Can I Claim against my employer?

It is an awkward situation for an employee to claim against their own employer, but the claim is not going to be handled by your employer, rather by their insurers. Regardless of the size of the business, every employer is required by law to handle accidents at work claims.

You also get a safety net because the employer cannot fire you from work because of filing an accident at work claim. If anything, your claim will bring to light any loopholes in safety procedures at work and ensure that no further unfortunate event harms any other worker.

What Are the Various Ways You Can Get Compensation for Accidents at Work?

Accidents at work can vary in nature and damage caused, but they cause an equal amount of stress and hassle to submit your claims. The stress of getting hurt and going through the financial issues to get yourself healed after the accidents sound like a nightmare to any worker.

The first and foremost you need to do is to see a doctor to be assessed how much the accident at work has damaged. The damage can be physical as well as mental. You will need expert legal advice to determine how much the employer should be paying you for getting your personal injuries recovered.

Along with the personal injuries you may also seek paid sick leaves from work to ensure you are recovered fully.

So when in an accident at work, make sure you report it to your employer with every possible detail you have with you for your accident cause. Ensure you collect all evidence if applicable. Immediately see medical consultation to have a medical report for making your personal injuries or paid sick leaves.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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Employers have a legal and moral responsibility for your safety and security in the workplace to avoid or prevent anything bad happening, regardless of how long staff have been employed, and regardless of the terms of their employment.

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Warehouse Accidents

Warehouses generally deal with work at height, work with lifters, moving stuff to and from shelves, scaffolds, etc. Working in warehouses require special equipment training and operating procedures. While the warehouse management ensures to put the right amount

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It is the prime responsibility of an employer to ensure a safe environment at work. Organizations nowadays truly understand and accept this responsibility of worker’s well-being. Yet there are situations where things can go wrong, and such unexpected or unplanned 

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There are many jobs at workplaces these days which require proper training or a specific understanding of a job being performed. If you had an injury due to performing a forced job, for which you were not trained or someone else was would have done it better than you, 

Work Colleague’s Action Accident

Workplaces these days have multiple people working under one roof at a time. The safety of the whole workplace is a combined responsibility of both the employer and all workers. Negligence of one worker may put many others in danger too  Such accidents are tagged as “Work Colleague’s 

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