Construction site accident

Construction sites are most vulnerable when it comes to the possibility of having an accident at the work location. Construction sites and workers are exposed to work at height, work with heavy machinery, work with electricity, etc. at the same time. Therefore the number of accidents that can happen at a construction site is also higher.

As a construction site work owner, the prime responsibility of the contractor is to ensure all work is being performed with proper safety measures. Yet there are situations where:

  • A construction site worker can slip due to bumpy working conditions
  • A construction site worker can fall from height
  • A construction site worker can be exposed to machinery malfunctioning
  • A construction site worker can encounter an accident due to other worker’s unsafe behavior
  • A construction site worker can encounter an accident due to unexpected fire at the site

How Construction Site Accidents Can Impact Worker’s Life?

A construction site worker’s life is dependent on the work being performed every day. Personal injuries and mental trauma of being in an accident at the construction site may leave the workers with minor injuries or may leave the worker in dreadful heavy injuries.

Therefore there should be someone held responsible for putting the worker’s life in danger and should also pay for the recovery.

What Should Happen After an Accident At Construction Site?

If you are a worker at a construction site that had an accident at work, make sure your report it. Regardless of the type of intensity of the accident, reporting full details is important and maintain a log of the physical condition after the accident.

Make sure you consult a physician for a complete and regular checkup, even if the injury was minor. Some injuries may not be apparent but may impact you mentally or physically which will show up later.

Keep a track of all expenses and medical bills that you went through after an accident at the construction site. Once you are in a position to talk to someone, call an accident at work helpline to help you with filing a compensation claim against your construction site accident.

Why Do I Need SHC Accident Helpline?

Because you need someone who knows the IN and OUT of construction site accident claims, someone who knows how an employer can turn down your claim of an accident at his construction site. You need to ensure from day 1 that the information you are gathering and sharing regarding your conditions after an injury at the construction site, is secure and not being manipulated to put down your rightful compensation.

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. is your partner when it comes to filing a claim of an accident at a construction site. Our recommended lawyers will help you evaluating your claim and ensuring a winning execution of your compensation against the construction site accident.

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SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. and recommended solicitors will start with a free legal consultation and no upfront payment with NO WIN NO FEE methodology. We ensure the confidentiality of data being shared with our legal experts throughout the construction site accident claim process. We can help you with any construction site accident that has happened in the past three years and you never filed compensation against that.

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