Frequently Asked Questions About Accident Claims

Our in-house teams of specialized claim handlers will process your case.

If your vehicle is unroadworthy (off the road) we can provide a replacement car to you in the same working day or in case of any issue we may deliver the vehicle within 24 hours.

We do have our own in-house hi-tech garage and highly professional engineers to repair the vehicle damages impeccably following a non-fault road traffic accident and since we are not liable to any insurance company therefore we will ensure your vehicle is repaired at your best interest with high quality – low cost value OR you can choose any other garage to repair your own vehicle.

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd is a specialised Accident Management company with the ability to process claims and send the bill to the insurance company of the driver at-fault on your behalf.

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd has extensive range of replacement vehicles and you will be given a like to like car in replacement. e.g. if you have a PCO/PHV hatchback, you will be given a hatchback. If you have a prestige car, you will be given a prestige car and so on. Please note that it is subject to availability of the vehicle in the fleet. e.g. if you have an old yet prestige vehicle, we may not be able to entertain you with such type of prestige replacement but still we will give you a good condition vehicle for use of social domestic and pleasure purposes.

We can refer you to our panel of UK’s top and most expert personal injury Solicitors to get maximum compensation for your claim.

You will be requested to return the vehicle to mitigate the losses and shall be offered again once you are back to the country.

Yes, you can change the courtesy car/credit hire car with any other like to like vehicle.

Our highly specialized claim handlers will update you through SMS/email throughout the claim and/or via Calls in case of urgency.

Simply let us know, we will recover your vehicle from the spot of accident or from you home and we will put your vehicle in our hi-tech storage. We have a good size storage bays for every vehicle. We have extensively installed CCTV cameras in our storage for a full proof security and we inspect on daily basis.

You will have to pay an excess to get your vehicle repaired. You may not get a replacement like for like vehicle and your no claims bonus may be affected whilst the claim is being resolved.

Credit Hire Vehicle

If you have a non-fault road traffic accident and your vehicle is unroadworthy, you may require a vehicle to continue your work. You will contact SHC Accident Helpline to provide you a like to like credit hire car while your own vehicle is off the road. We will arrange an appropriate vehicle for you on your instructions which you will use until you will get the money from at fault party’s insurance company to repair your own vehicle. Once your vehicle is repaired, you will return the credit hire vehicle to the company. Afterwards, credit hire company will make arrangements to recover all the cost of hire from third party insurance.

Courtesy Car

If your own vehicle is in garage for repair as damaged because of a road traffic accident, you may require a vehicle meanwhile to continue your work. You will contact SHC Accident Helpline to provide you a courtesy car which you will use until your own vehicle is repaired and ready to use. Sometimes garages do have facility of a courtesy car to facilitate their customers. In other case, you get it from a credit hire company.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and want a replacement vehicle then you must be sure for the following;

  1. Your own vehicle is legally unroadworthy.
  2. You do not have any other vehicle to use.
  3. You do not hold sufficient funds to immediately repair your own vehicle without suffering any deprivation.

If all the above conditions are true then you can get a credit hire vehicle to continue your routine work.

Because credit hire companies bear the risk of losing the case or in between settlements and/or get the money at the end of the credit hire period which may take months or years to recover their cost. But, cash hire companies charge the customer on daily, weekly or monthly basis without any risk of losing anything.

  1. First of all you have to be patient and DO NOT argue with third party driver or passengers.
  2. Try to Take as much pictures from different angles.
  3. No need to accept the liability on spot.
  4. And importantly, call the police and try to get the police report to support your claim.
  5. Look around at the scene of the accident closely if you can find a CCTV camera to get footages to make your claim stronger.
  6. Try to collect the information about the scene of accident as much as it is possible, for example: Vehicle Registration of third party, make and model of the vehicle, number of passengers, location, date & correct time, weather condition, full name and contact numbers of all the people in TP vehicle specially driver, their date of birth, gender of passengers and driver too.
  7. Make a sketch for seating plan of passengers in third party vehicle at the time of accident and also take a note about their injuries.
  8. Get pictures or video of your vehicle and third party vehicle as well, highlighting the damages.
  9. Make another sketch to demonstrate how the accident happened.
  10. Also take a note if third party driver is reading from some pages, reacting confidently, calling someone and taking instructions or if they have already filled forms with them to record accident details etc.
  11. Try to get name, number and address of any independent eyewitness to support your claim.
  12. Take a note about how the third party vehicle left the scene of accident i.e. towed by someone, driven by the driver, or recovered by a truck etc and take their vehicle registration as well if towed or transported.
  13. You should inform your insurer about the incident.

13. Lastly, you can contact us at 0330 999 0 111 to get a replacement car for yourself, storage facility, recovery of your vehicle from the scene of accident and for any type of relevant claim.

  1. Always be active and focus on your driving and traffic around you.
  2. Most of the time, fraudster’s vehicle won’t show brake lights. If you see that the vehicle in front of you is applying brakes but lights are off then you must increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  3. If the driver or passengers of the vehicle in front of you are focusing on the vehicles coming behind and focusing on you without any reason that could be a warning sign for you that they are aware and waiting for an opportunity to have a collision (back-hit) with your vehicle. Pay attention and increase the distance in this case.s
  4. Take a note if the vehicle in front of you is slowing down and accelerating without any reason.
  5. You have to be more attentive while you are at roundabout or slip road because majority of fraudsters use these areas to induce an accident.
  6. Sometime there can be two cars ahead (both may try to stage an accident by involving your vehicle) and both of them may drive unsteadily. But, you have to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you.
  7. Lastly, if you notice that the vehicle in front of is damaged from rear then be alert and increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.