Financial Losses

The traumatic impacts of a motorcycle accident can be both medical and financial. Filing a motorcycle accident claim can be complex and confusing if you are not aware of different categories of financial losses that you can get compensated for if you file your motorcycle accident claim with proper details.

Here are different types of financial losses that can be compensated for after a motorcycle accident:

Treatment of Personal Injuries

Be it minor cuts, basic injuries or critical fractures, surgeries, etc. Every penny spent on the recovery of personal injuries falls under the compensation of a motorcycle accident. Your medical visits, doctor fees, medicines, hospital bills, your complete medical file would be needed to have a winning medical expenses claim filed properly and executed without any trouble during the entire process.

Repair and Maintenance of Involved Vehicle

Other than the persons involved, the other important thing involved in a motorcycle accident would be the vehicle itself. Like the personal injuries, the repair and maintenance work required for the motorcycle would also be expensive and will cost a lot of money.

From recovery to repair and post-accident maintenance until the vehicle is declared fit to be on road again, all expenses are to be recorded well and filed under motorcycle accident claim.

Other Losses

Other than the personal injuries and motorcycle damages, there is a list of other losses that one might suffer and would need to be compensated for them. Please read more under our Other Losses section.

Can I File My Compensation of Losses Myself?

Yes, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. All you need to do is to fully understand the legal requirements of claim gather evidence as much as you can, keep a track of every invoice and report card and just go through the procedure to file your claim. Make sure in the beginning that you are making all these efforts for a rightful claim.

Because all effort you did despite the mental and physical trauma, if you end up knowing that the claim was not rightful then you would be disappointed and may feel like never doing that ever.


There is a better and professional solution to having all your financial losses compensated under motorcycle accident claim and that is having a proactive mind to handle everything on your behalf. This will save you from many things such as hassle, time, money, stressful legal procedure, travelling, meetings, etc.

All you have to do is to call SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., if you are at an accident location we will reach you there and will take notes of your financial loss details. If the accident happened in the past (not more than 3 years ago) we will get in touch any way convenient to you. In either case, our legal team will conduct a detailed review; will advise you if or not you should be going after recovery of your losses.

If you chose to proceed with us we will ensure you a winning financial losses claim under our NO WIN NO FEE methodology.

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