Kitchen Staff Accidents

Commercial kitchen staff deals with complicated cooking, cutting, baking equipment and sometimes the handling can get a bit tricky, resulting in personal injuries to kitchen staff. Also in terms of exposure the commercial kitchen staff also operates in environment where a small negligence can lead to a disaster causing injuries to multiple people at once.

Kitchen staff needs to ensure they operate under high hygiene and safety procedures to avoid unwanted situations yet the probability of kitchen accidents stays there.

Why Kitchen Staff Needs to File Compensation?

If you are a meat handler kitchen staff and you lose a finger in malfunctioning of a commercial meat cutter, who is going to pay for your personal injury? Or bear the expenses of your family while you need to be away from your work to recover fast. To recover out of this misery, the kitchen staff needs to file compensation against the accidents in the kitchen.

Why Kitchen Staff Needs to File Compensation?

Make sure to report it, collect evidence, take notes and keep a personal diary of the aftermath. Involve a trustworthy colleague to run by your accident details to ensure you have a legitimate case to proceed. While it’s not guaranteed that the colleague will not use the information to manipulate your rightful claim, what we can guarantee is that SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. will keep each word of information shared secured till the end of the claim process.

So if you have any doubts, do not hesitate in sharing and just call SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. to get a free legal consultation and evaluation of your kitchen accident claim. If we will have any doubts about the claim, we will share that with you upfront and will advise you not proceeding further. 

So nothing changes for you or the employer, free legal advice can save you from embarrassment at the workplace and hassle of a claim process that you will not win at the end.

On the other hand, if it’s a legitimate case, your responsibility ends with the initial discussion with our trusted personal injuries lawyers on our panel, the rest is the team’s responsibility. During the whole documentation and filing process, you can sit home, recover injuries go back to work if possible.

You can get compensation for any kitchen accident that happened in the last three years, and you never got a chance to evaluate the claim for any reason. Just gather the details you submitted to the kitchen management records and call SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., today. Leave the rest of us, we will take care of it without impacting your work routine. 

Why SHC Accident Helpline Ltd?

There are many factors that speak in favor of your decision to choose SHC over others. First of all, SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. has been working in accident management for many decades now. We have built a huge network of experienced and reliable solicitors who will work with our NO WIN NO FEE principle to ensure you only pay for a winning kitchen accident claim.

All you need to do is to call our 24/7 emergency Helpline on 0330 999 0 111 to speak with our Accident at Work Specialist Team. Our expert team is able to take care of the entire procedure of your accident claim.

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