Other Losses

When people are involved in accidents, other than the harm done to the person driving the motorcycle and the motorcycle itself, there are several types of other associated losses. We have covered financial losses already and here we are going to list the other losses that fall under motorcycle accident compensation. Make sure you know them well in case of an unfortunate motorcycle accident and file the compensation claim accordingly.

Here are other categories of losses that might happen when in a motorcycle accident:

Loss of Earnings

Earnings can be two types:

1: Past earnings

which you lost due to missing work during your recovery time.

2: Future earnings

which you will not earn due to staying at home or away from work as prescribed by the doctor.

Both types of earnings loss fall under the compensation claim of a motorcycle accident.

Damage of Property

Most motorcycle drivers wear safety equipment such as helmets, safety guards, etc. These are known as property and any damage done to such property articles is also claimable. You can add up these losses with your accident claim.

Loss of Personal Belongings

There are chances that you were carrying valuable things or cash while the accident happened. Any personal belongings lost during the accident incident are also recoverable with your detailed motorcycle accident claim case.

Travel Expenses

There may be additional expenses where you are required to travel to a doctor, insurance company, or for any other matter which is not covered with your credit hire vehicle. Any such travel will fall under associated travel expenses after an accident and you are rightful to get compensated for it. 

Future Losses

There are injuries that may seem minimal after the accident but in the longer run, they develop other pains or medical issues that happened because of the previous injury.

These types of injuries or damages should be predictable, only then the person at impact can claim for these.

You Deserve Better!

Regardless of the type or category of loss, what needs to happen is a careful review of motorcycle accident losses in a timely manner by someone who has hands-on experience handling the motorcycle accident claims. Because every step towards the claim process cost you and if you are proceeding with expenses that aren’t even a rightful claim, that’s going to cost you more!

So you need an accident claim specialist from day one for a careful assessment of motorcycle accident losses. SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. will help you out with a free   

Legal Advice   regarding the legitimacy of motorcycle accident losses claim. SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. also operates under No Win No Fee methodology which means we will only advise you to file a claim if it’s a legitimate case of a motorcycle accident.

All you need to do is to call our 24/7 emergency Helpline on 0330 999 0 111 to speak with our Motorcycle Accident Specialist Team. Our expert team is able to take care of the entire procedure of your accident claim.

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