SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. aims to place the customers at the core of the business operations; it’s a fundamental part of our ultimate goal to deliver the customer-centric services regardless of the effort or cost required for going an extra mile to not only meet but actually exceed their expectations.

We always try to hire the best people. That’s why we are selective and we expect the best from our staff. Inside the company you will find more like a family. Our employees are friendly and have a positive approach because we like to build strong internal relationship. Also, we encourage our employee to take their own decision for the satisfaction of the clients and to provide the best customer experience. Customer centricity is always part of the cultural environment at SHC Accident Helpline Ltd.

We filter out rude and negative people right from the start of the hiring process. We build strong internal relationships and positive cultural norms so that our employees always reflect the same in their customer handling.

Our support team is operational 24/7 and our active reporting of the support centre always provides the management with a comprehensive view of the performance, processes and downtime time if any, by doing so we ensure fully controlled and cost-effective business operations.

Generally, people do not talk about a service or service provider if everything works as per the expectation because that’s what they paid for. Indeed it is a very tough job to get the highest satisfaction level of customers and maintain that for years, yet SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. has done everything that was in its power to achieve it and maintain it.


Another important and critical trait of our culture at SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. is the honesty of the entire team and culture at the workplace. Customers not only appreciate the honesty of the businesses but also honest businesses are rewarded better than others. We have 5 self-explaining and convincing reasons why any business should stay honest with customers just like SHC Accident Helpline Ltd.

    1. Honesty always create trust. Honesty in day to day operations develops interest among the customers. Businesses who operate with honesty tend to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. The rapport that we establish with our customers in this instance will do well to secure future relationships. Of course, clients will always want to go back to the business that they trust. They feel confident for coming back to us because we are not misleading them or that we are just there to make a profit off of them!
    2. Word of your honesty is bound to get around. Whenever a customer is treated with honesty and trust, the solution becomes more meaningful, and naturally, any human will talk about the honest and open services they experienced. Actually, the word of a happy and satisfied customer is the best way of recommendation to other customers.
    3. Honesty makes our clients patience and understanding. Honesty kills impatience and breeds understanding. All our clients are patient and understanding because we update them regularly about their cases, and they appreciate the hard work that is it put towards their benefit.
    4. Feedback pays Honesty. If a client is happy with your honest work they will provide constructive feedback on social media. This means the company and the client can build a relationship based on trust and honesty. We believe that our Company deserves appreciative feedback for our hard work that we provide.  Honesty creates a willingness to provide feedback. When you are honest with your customers, you can count on them, to be honest back. You won’t have trouble asking for feedback on how we can provide a better service to our clients. More than that, they will leave appreciative feedback on social media thanks to the high level of services that we provide.
    5. Honesty creates a positive working environment. At SHC Accident helpline we create a honesty environment in which every employee should find trust. We take measures to keep the business this way so our employees know they have high standards to respect. That’s how we make sure we have a trust culture and that’s why we are pride of it. We can see how our stuff is providing honesty and how this procedure starts from the director and it’s going to the last employee. When SHC Accident Helpline’s employees see the measures that the business is taking in order to stay honest with the customers, they follow the same procedure. The business is breeding an environment of honesty, starting from the man on top – director, all the way down to the last employee. Employees will also practice honesty with the clients and with each other, creating transparency in the business.

Customer Satisfaction

Combine together these reasons serve as the core of business operations at SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., hence result in a high rate of satisfied customers. When defied, Customer Satisfaction is a marketing term which is actually a measure of how happy a customer is about the services of the company and maintaining the highest customer satisfaction is central to the services being provided at SHC Accident Helpline Ltd.

As proof of the high level of customer satisfaction, it is important to mention that most of our business is the result of word of mouth by our satisfied customers. I order to achieve that and maintain that we proactively contact our customers and keep them informed about the repair work, injuries claim, documentation, legal procedures, providing them with the opportunity to raise any issues, which can immediately be addressed.

Ultimately though it is the passion, commitment, and expertise of our people who make it all happen, day in, day out.

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