Our Vision

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. is a 24/7 operational emergency service provider, based in North West London, specialized in all sort of accident claims from scratch to finish. SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. removes the hassle of dealing with multiple people at a time by working as a liaison between accident victims and opponent/insurer or any other involved service providers.

How it all started?

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. was an initiative of the company’s director. When he personally saw how customers were not receiving the benefits and full entitlement when Insurance Companies dealt with their accident claims in areas such as 

vehicle damages valuations, out-of-pocket expenses, and personal injury cases.As a human being he felt the gap between customers and typical insurance companies, here is when our director has to say today:

“As an owner of an Accident Management Company for many years it is imperative that when my customers are being involved in a road traffic accident they can rely on a company that is quick, efficient, caring, professional and has the customers interest as a priority – SHC Accident Helpline Ltd does all the above.” – Raheel A Rathore

Therefore, SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. was established to lessen the gap between accident victims and insurance providers, by acting a liaison. SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. is a hub of communication between:

  • Motorist – Insurer
  • Motorist – Garage
  • Garage – Insurer
  • Claimants – Solicitors
  • Worker – Employers

Right from day one, SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. has placed the customer satisfaction and ease at the core of the operating business, striving hard to helping them so that they have fully backed up by our legal experts and insurance companies or any third party cannot take benefit from their limited knowledge regarding the accident management.

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd has placed the customer satisfaction at the top interest of the business. We try and we fight for your rights and we make sure you are fully legal in relationship with third parties companies. We want you to understand that no matter how poor your knowledge about accidents management is, the insurance companies or any other company should not take advantage.

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., have been working very hard to provide legal and technical advice and information to thousands of individuals about potential accident claims which occurred within the UK.

Moreover, having over a decade of motor industry experience and seeing so many changes during these years, we have come to the conclusion that we must be vigilant and educated in this matter so that we can provide extremely good work for our clients. We work in partnership with all parties involved to make sure the service to motorists or accident victims is exceptional. Our aim is to enable a smooth journey for all and always try to look out for the bumps ahead.

Having over a decade of motor industry experience, we saw a lot of changes happening so we come to the decision that we must be educated in order to take good care of our clients’ claims and questions. Also, being vigilant is really important in our business so we make sure that we first understand the case very well in order to proceed with it. We have to mention that we work in partnership with all parties involved in order to provide a better service.

Values and Principles of SHC Accident Helpline Ltd.

SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., operates under certain values or principles, we adhere to the following core values of principles of doing business:

  • Tailored services– our efforts towards your particular case must be adapted and relevant to your needs – outcomes must be beneficial to you to the greatest degree possible – We put effort in every case and we understand that not all accidents happen in the same way. Customers should get an individual plan and we aim to stick with it.
  • Objectivity – just like journalists, we clearly separate recorded facts from their interpretation. In this business, being objective is important. First to help the customer, second to protect our honesty and trust policy.
  • Reliability and High Quality– high ethics, honesty, and punctuality through the project – We provide honesty, trust, high customer service and we always ready to answer your questions about your case.
  • Confidentiality during the duration of your case – We will never give you doubts about confidentiality of the case. We take confidentiality very seriously.
  • We aim at building lasting relations with our Clients by constant support during the process via all team members – We want to create relationships that lasts with our clients by providing them support via our staff.
  • Partnership – helps us to provide you a complete service for your own needs – We ask you to be available during the process so we can provide the best service you need!

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