Motorcycle Accidents – Replacement

Motorcycle accidents occur often and can damage the rider and the motorcycle itself. In worst-cases scenario the motorcycle can be declared total loss and you can lose time, energy and money for repairs.

What should be done if the motorcycle is not drivable after the accident?

In the cases where the damage is so bad and the motorcycle is declared unfit for future usage, we know you need a replacement to go back to your normal life. Sometime, motorcycle is used for working so it’s important for you to start working again as soon as possible.

 We are aware of these situations and we are committed to provide a replacement as soon as possible to make the process easier for you. In worst cases, the damage is so bad that your motorcycle gets declared unfit for future usage and you would be needing a replacement transport to ensure you can go back to normal work life.

 Especially those people who use a motorcycle for travelling as the main source and for those whose earnings depend upon motorcycle rides, such as UberEats and Deliveroo.

We have access to wide range of motorcycles and ensure availability of an appropriate bike for you.  Our fleet partners can deliver Bikes from all the big brand names: Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Aprilia, BMW, Harley Davidson, Lexmoto, Ducati, Triumph and more and from 50cc scooters to 1250cc tourers. All bikes are less than three years old and fully maintained to the highest standards and comes with fully comprehensive insurance.

We aim to deliver the bike within 24-hours of notification, anywhere in England.  Replacement bike delivery is arranged to be at a time and place as convenient as possible for the policyholder – so can be at work, home or anywhere that suits.

We also provide a helmet if required with all of our replacement motorbikes, and can deliver across the UK, at a time convenient to you

All you need to do is to call our 24/7 emergency Helpline on 0330 999 0 111 to speak with our Motorcycle Accident Specialist Team. Our expert team will take care of the entire procedure of your motorcycle accident claim.

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