Motorcycle Accidents – Secure Storage

Motorcycles can be involved in accidents as part of life on the road. We know that the first thing in your head after an accident is how you can be recovered and what will happen to your damaged motorcycle. We can provide recovery and storage to a safe place where more damage cannot happen to your motorcycle. In order to secure your motorcycle, we prepare special places where we keep them at a high standard for you and for us.

Why Do I Need a Safe Storage?

We know that sometimes you can carry on storage for your motorcycle at your home address or in your own garage. But the truth is that if you are doing all by yourself can be expensive and stressful. Moving the car from the accident scene to your home is expensive. Repairs at a high standards, as we committed to provide, are expensive and also, you cannot asses the damages on your own. On top of that, can you ensure that no damage will take place during or after you recover and storage your car on your own?

As we are an experienced company, we know that there is a lot of things to check, asses, planned after a motorcycle accident so we want to help you storage your motorcycle in a safe storage!

What Will Happen to My Vehicle in Safe Storage?

Generally, after an accident, there is minimal time for you to gather your senses and see what happened to it. That’s the point where you are going to call SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., to come for rescue and recover your accidental motorcycle from the roadside.

Regardless of the time, condition, location or type of vehicle, SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. will arrange professionally trained vehicle moving staff and will have your damaged motorcycle moved from the accident place to our safe storage. We will take care of your vehicle if it had any personal belongings still hanging to it.

We will keep it secured at the safe storage and you will have open access to revisit anytime you want to. We will have it assessed while it’s inside the safe storage to avoid any further damage by moving to different repair shops.

Once the assessment is done, we will move it to repair and will keep it to secure storage once the repair is done. You can visit, check motorcycle condition and then take it home.

All you need to do is to call our 24/7 emergency Helpline on 0330 999 0 111 to speak with our Motorcycle Accident Specialist Team. Our expert team will take care of the entire procedure of your motorcycle accident claim.

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