Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions, if you are planning to contact SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. for the handling of any accident management matter.

  • If you call our 24/7 operational call centre, one of our colleague will take your first details and transfer your call to the responsible department.
  • Your calls are informed recorded and may get used later for a better understanding of the matter at hand. Calls recordings can also be used for checking compliance or internal employee training.
  • One of our Claims advisors will listen to your accident case and will assess if you need further assistance from our team. Please note that we don’t give legal advice, your solicitors will help you in this matter.
  • If the assessment says that you can get further benefit from our team then you will be advised the same and upon the agreement, you will be connected to one of our recommended solicitors.
  • If the assessment says that your claim is not eligible or strong enough to go through the complex legal proceedings, then our on-call advisors will advise you this to back out in a timely manner without investing further time and money in it.
  • The assessment is free of cost, you will not pay anything till this assessment.
  • You will be connected to our recommended solicitors and will have the right to say no to a solicitor if you don’t feel comfortable working with them.
  • The recommended and chosen solicitor will take up your complete accident claim process in his hands and will try to settle the case on your best interest. will get every penny of your rightful compensation settled by the opponent or the insurer.
  • SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. will not be responsible for any advice given by recommended solicitors. The solicitors are individual firms, their opinion or advice holds the value due to the nature of their work, but SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. will not be directly responsible for any outcome.
  • You can file your accident claim within three years (or more, in some cases) of the date of occurrence. However, we recommend to collect evidence and supporting documents as soon as possible after the accident and initiate the claim right away.
  • Our emergency Claims Advisors are operating 24/7 and will listen to your concern right away. You will be offered the best possible solution.
  • Even if you couldn’t get hold of an advisor on call, you can always drop an email to us contact@shcah.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • SHC Accident Helpline Ltd. operates under zero-tolerance policy towards the abuse of our employees.
  • Hostile and/or abusive calls are a criminal offense under Section 43 of the Telecommunications Act 1984, and SHC Accident Helpline Ltd., will not hesitate to report such acts to the police.
  • All operations are conducted in the best faith of serving rightful customers.
  • All data is secured under strict confidentiality norms.
  • Personal details or accident details are not shared with any third parties unless we advise you.
  • An open and truthful conversation avoids many issues in the execution of accident claim at later stages, so please be honest and available to discuss with us anytime we need further information.

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